What happend to Cut, Scan and Scan&Cut - It's now Line, Fill and Fill&Line?

In the cut window, under the mode column, there is only Line, Fill, and Line + Fill, i believe i saw in one of the video tutorials that the mode “cut” was available from the drop down tab, but is not available to me with current project, am i missing something? to save time i would prefer not to scan.

Line has replaced cut in the newest verision. Fill has replaced Scan. They still do the same things, just the wording was changed to help new users better.

Thank you very much.

We got feedback from a few vendors who deal with a lot of schools and teacher training, and people had a hard time with “Cut” when they just wanted to make a surface mark, and most people have an intuitive understanding of what “Fill” means, but not “Scan”. I figured existing users would have no trouble with the switch, but it would be easier for new users to grasp.