What happened to finished creations?

I have noticed that there have not been hardly any new post over there, ( in F.C.). Now myself, I don’t do
that media stuff at all. I mean FB, Twit or any of the others. In my mind forums are not media. Forums are
like going to school allover again, and I love it. Now looking at the finished creations page, (as usual), I still see almost no new post. I was talking with my wife about no new post. She says, OH, I can show you lots and lots of new posts. So she jumps on “her” F.B. and pulls up a page that said something about Light Burn post and creations. What the heck is going on now days. I saw more posts than I bothered to count. And almost 50% of them said “made in light burn”. SOOOOOOOOOO why is everyone going to media now days? I think I’ll go make a post in “Unrelated Unfinished Laser Things” !!! lol

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Could not agree more. I’m 84 and don’t have the time or interest in FB ect. Why can’t we live private lives without talking to the world?


There are a “FEW” of us left, (like you and I) who would rather be not seen or heard. (that’s why I live 20 miles out in the country) Not drawing attention to ourselves. And then there are some people who are , just fools? It was only a couple of months ago I heard one of my grandsons use the word “KAREN” when talking to his mother about someone else. I asked what he meant by Karen. Without thinking he just spit that bad “B” word out and before he had one second to think about what he just said, (I love my daughter) his mother nailed him with the hardest right hand slap across his face that any man could get, he hit the floor hard. OH, answer to your question. Some people just can’t live without sticking their noses in our private lives. That’s the way I look at it.


Gosh Ron, you are only 84? I will be 89 in January. Merry Christmas BTW.

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Ultimately I feel that people use what is easy to access, and for most that means Facebook. Given the large number of different laser groups out there it’s impossible for us to keep tabs on everything in all those groups, but we do try to chime in where we can.

The solution, should you be willing, is to go show off your stuff in #finished-creations !

The only place I show my work is here in L.B. Oh, while I’m thinking about it. I almost posted one pic that showed my business card, I caught that just in time and pulled it. I was afraid of being accused of trying to drum up business. Some people are like that. Jumping the gun per say.

Ferg - I would like to thank you and Ron for making me feel like a little kid again !! I just turned 67 three weeks ago. I going outside now to play in the sand box !!

In my opinion, I feel most people believe this is a technical help forum and not one that is for showing off their work. That being said, I too stay far away from Facebook. There is another forum I frequent that is where I usually show my work.

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and which forum is that ? To me forums are not media, they are a school. And I love learning !!

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A lot of diverse people hang out here. No drama, no politics, just helping others enjoy their hobbies and sharing their passions!

I haven’t seen that one yet. I just clicked on your link. I’m going there now. Thank you

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Just made 68 in October… wish it made me feel like a kid… seems like everything hurts as I get older… :frowning:

Doesn’t make the spouse look like she did in High School either… :crazy_face:

We should legislate that we are born ‘old/dumb’ then we grow younger and wiser… It would have been great to be young and wise… :thinking:

A majority of the people do what’s easiest for them. The phone is connected to them so all these social media sites follow along.

I guess in a funny way it’s similar to when I was a kid… we were molded by television - via the likes of NBC, ABC, CBS and the Government as to what to think and do… of course it was only a one way street then…


I wish it really did make me feel like a kid again. I’ll just have to be happy pretending I’m a kid again.
Someone get me my walker, I want to go to the sand box. LOL
I have not decided which goes first, eye sight , hearing or ,or,or what were we talking about? lol

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I used to say ‘‘age is just a measure of experience, which makes me more experienced that many others’’. Now I’m getting to the point of not being able to remember what I have experienced. :rage:

My biggest frustration is you can’t learn from your mistakes if you can’t remember them!

“Damn, now I remember — that happened last time I did it that way……”

that’s my wife with bacon!! Honey what would you like to eat? A BLT W/ 3X the B !!! I’m the one that forgets everything !

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I do look at this forum as more of a source for technical information.

If you want to see some really nice projects with free LightBurn file downloads, you should subscribe to a new channel launching in January.

It’s a collaboration between myself and two other laser crafters.

All of the designs will be original and free.

There are a few videos there now discussing what we will be doing. And a couple free projects already.

It will not be a “how to” or “instructional” channel. Quick, start to finish, projects and files.

Should be a huge hit.

Please check it out and subscribe and get ready for some great ideas.

Hope to see you there!

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Your site looks good. I know it will do great. let me know when I can sign up without having anything to do with google.
Thank You - Randy

I am a moderator on a FB group and it is a great place to learn. When someone asks a question that is extremely elementary I don’t berate them of make fun of them. I will always point them to a good video on YouTube or private message them (after initial response) and offer my help. People like to share their work and what they created. Usually it isn’t for the “look at me, I am so good” aspect. It is usually “I have having issues doing XYZ, can someone help?”. Usually it is a setting that they might not know of. We have to all start somewhere and I did with LB 3 years ago and while I am not an expert in everything about LB, of the usual question I get, I can answer without issue and the user is grateful and appreciative.

I have found FORUMS (like this one) are great and too the point, it s sometimes hard to find what you are looking for.

I will admit the posts on FB that drive me nuts are “Cool project, can I have the file for free?”. I avoid asking those questions and will ask “Great project, where can I purchase the file?”.