What image mode is closest to fill on liteburn


I am trying to engrave a logo onto a a flag that i am making, which i will then colorfill. I usually am able to copy an image, paste, amd then trace for a regular engraving (fill and line.) With this particular logo, for some reason im only able to engrave it in image mode. Which i was able to get cavity to be able to colofill with paint. But there are a bunch of dots, that are showing up throught the paint. Is there an image mode that would not leave these dots after lasering.? On my particular engrave Atomstack A5 Pro, i have settings at 3500spd and 85% power, with 2 passes. I guess i might be able to do a 3rd pass to make the cavity deeper. And then mix a little wood filler with the acrylic paint to thicken it, so it hopefully fills the cavity without exposing the image dots in the wood.

If you’re willing to share the file, someone is likely to see what’s happening with it.

It would depend on the cause of the dots. If the dots are an un-engraved part of an image they would likely be left alone. If the dots are an artifact of image processing called dithering, changing the image processing method and re-engraving the image may put the dithering into different places and cancel out most of them.

This is between N and E, and rotated clockwise, but it looks like scan lines to me… It’s always nice to know the x, y orientation.

Screenshot from 2023-03-13 06-44-09


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