What is EZCAD2 Q-Pulse Equivlent Setting in LB?

I know it is not supported (yet?), but I’m an impatient lad and therefore have my Photonics Industries 5W 355nm UV laser and LMCv4 board (EZC-L) connected to Lightburn.

I’ve adjusted the timings as appropriate (100/100/200/100), PW to 50 Khz (optimal for my light source) and while I am getting it to mark, it is not at full strength.

The one setting that comes to mind is the Q-pulse. For my laser, a Q-pulse of 1ns is full power and 10ns is the other end and weakest - that’s in EZCad. Is there an equivalent config in Lightburn 1.2?

The Raycus setting in LB seems to work so far. JPT did not although I didn’t try a full reset.

FYI, I have to manually open the Photonics Industries tool to turn on the shutter and laser, but I have to do the same thing with EZCAD.

Holler at me if I can be of any help testing the new Galvo with my UV laser.

My Phonics Industries works if I set the laser type to Raycus, but the enable Q-pulse setting is grayed out (assume it isn’t supported by an actual Raycus?)

If I try any other (JPT, IPG), the EZCad board locks up (weird…) and I have to reset.

Might have to either keep experimenting or stop if it starts to look hopeless.

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