What is happening

I’ll do my best to describe the issuie

Omtech 50 watt laser , using LB on my old Mac

I had this set up for almost a year with no problems

I recently moved my laser to a different part of my shop . Ever since I been having issuies with my camera

I reset lightburn and realigned the camera many ,many times

Here’s what I noticed today , no matter what the camera is viewing it at a slight angel . Im trying to calibrate it again and I noticed this

First photo is of my bed to show everything is straight

When looking at the laptop, it looks slanted

I am using a 60 degree camera , been using it since day 1 and it use to work perfect !!

Getting real annoyed

Below is what I am trying to correct

Trying to correct the view so when I update my overlay the whole bed is updated properly

Is there something preventing you from repositioning the camera such that it’s perpendicular and square to the bed? If you can get the camera looking straight down at the bed it should address this issue.

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