What is the best way to edit a small portion of a 12-up file?

I am making Christmas ornaments, and layer them out 12up. Is there a way to have Lightburn reference a single master graphic in an imposition? Sort of like the symbols in Illustrator, and a linked graphic in InDesign.

For reference, the part that I edited is in black.
I’d rather not have to reimpose this file every time I need to make a change to part of the design.

Using the grid array tool you can choose to create a virtual array where the copies of the base design are virtual. They will reflect changes made to the base. See if this gets you what you need.

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Here is more information on the Virtual Array capabilities @berainlb mentioned. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you!

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You would have to have 2 different “symbols” and 2 different virtual arrays. One for the non-rotated and one for the rotated. You can’t rotate using virtual array.