What is the correct or best work flow for Active Z machine

I have a OpenBuilds Workbee 1010 CNC with a auxiliary Laser. I currently Have my Work Offset set to [G54:-720.500,-768.500,-94.000] to put the origin in the Front Left Corner as Lightburn Requires. The Z value puts the Focus of the Laser at the bed.

Now It seems when I run a job it traverses at Z=0. Do I need to recalibrate to the work piece? Is there just a Z probe Offset? or Do I need to write a macro?

The Set Origin and GoTo Origin don’t seem to effect Z.

I have tried to use a bit of my probe Macro of G10 P0 L20 Z0. No mater what I try to do to keep the Laser at 25mm above the bed or at the focus height of my material it want to travers at Z=0

The Other Odd observation I see is when the laser travels from its current position to the start position to the it does NO Z move but when It return to the end position it travels to Z=0

Please excuse the delayed response. :slight_smile: Slipped through during our move, we promise…, weren’t out on the beach or anything fun like that.

This is a good review of how LightBurn can assist in controlling your Z axis: Z Axis Controls - LightBurn Software Documentation. Start with this and let us know how you get on, and we can go from there.

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