What is the cutting method at Lightburn?

When I cut (laserGRBL) a part for my ship model, I need to tell a cutter how many passes are necessary to cut. When I say “1 pass” it cuts twice: once following the inner edge of the line and once following the outer edge of the line. I do not want this. It is enough to cut following one of the edges.
Can Lightburn work in such kind of setting?
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LightBurn is cutting once per line. Right now it sounds like you have an inner line and an outer line. So if you don’t want to cut one of the lines you’ll need to remove one of them. LaserGRBL would behave the same way in this regard.

This is not a setting issue. This would be considered a design issue.

Thank you for the answer again. I have only one line in the design (CAD). But I exported the drawing as the BMP file as the laserGRBL can not read DXF or DWG files. Then I vectorise the drawing in laserGRBL. Then it sees two edges of one line.

Then that’s the reason for it. It will trace the outline of the shapes. So for a line it will trace both the inner and outer portions.

LightBurn can import DXF so you shouldn’t see that particular issue. There are other tools to convert DXF to other vector formats. Best to stick to vector if your source is vector.

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