What is the opposite of "Break apart" Alt+B

when i join 2 squares together (and weld them) the print shows the laser going in a continuous path ,when 2 passes used the same occurs .However if i break them apart (Alt+B) the laser path then does 2 passes on each individual section and not in a continuous path .
So my question is ,what is the opposite of the Alt+b command ?
without undoing the change i have just done .
I think it has an effect on the output by over cooking the line especially when i have lines close together .
I am new to laser cutting and still learning a lot but i need help on this point so any help will be appreciated Cheers

It’s not clear the situation you’re trying to solve for but you can rejoin adjacent line segments by selecting the lines, then Edit->Auto-join selected shapes.

It’s unclear what you mean by this. Joining shapes will by definition change the design. So if what I have described doesn’t address the issue then please elaborate on what you’re attempting to do.

I think you want to join the paths again? Then it would be Alt+J (auto join selected paths) or F10, close selected paths with tolerance.

Thanks melvin and Berainlb
Alt+J is what i was looking for .
The menu item “auto join” was greyed out every time, so following your replies I examined the shape more closely and found 2 very small gaps in my shape .I hadn’t realised that the outline shape i was trying to cut had been grouped .
Thanks a lot for your replies

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