What is the standard stroke size used when cutting?

I come from the print world and design in Illustrator. When I print on my wide format printer and need to contour cut, I set a very specific color for that stroke and use Point 1 as a stroke weight.
I thought it would be the same for laser cutting? I have been using Point 1 as an outline/stoke when cutting for my laser but keep reading but using .001 as a stroke line and use the color Red in RGB specifically. This made me think since I am using Point 1 am I wasting “time”, “laser burn rate” and is my sizing off and I just didn’t know it?

  1. So my questions are What stroke size should I be using and what is happening when I use 1 point for the stoke weight?
  2. Does the color I choose really matter to light burn? It seems to identify the different color fine and I can easily choose what color does what?

Thank You.

LightBurn ignores stroke width. Some systems use print drivers, like Epilog or Universal Lasers, and for those the stroke width is usually set to hairline for cutting, and anything else for engraving. In LightBurn that doesn’t matter.

The color you choose is only used to match the shape to a layer color in LightBurn. Some people use a consistent color set for common materials, like “red is cut for 3mm ply, black is engraving”, so they can quickly set their settings, but this is not required.

Thank You for the reply! Good to know.

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