What is your favorite tape to reduce smoke burns on wood? 🔥

Has anyone used this to mask their wood from smoke . :dash: :dash:

Just curious if it leaves any sticky stuff after the burn.




I can’t say about the stuff you’ve posted, but I get sign vinyl transfer tape from US Cutter at a slightly higher price. I had purchased medium tack on recommendation from the other forum, but found it wasn’t sticky enough. The high tack stuff peels easily when desired and holds well, only occasionally lifting during a burn.

I’ve taken to using a brayer to ensure a good bond. The peel-off is clean, no residue and no rubbery smell during burning. I’d worry about the stink from the “solvent free rubber” adhesive. If it’s masking tape in the same realm as the thinner stuff, it does stink and may be much harder to remove than transfer tape.