What line in the .CLB xml file Locks the setting from being edited?

What line in the .CLB xml file Locks the setting from being edited?
Trying to make my own library starting with one I downloaded for the format, but I want to unlock everything so I can edit the settings rather than making copies.

Nevermind. Found it.

Change Locked=“1” to Locked=“0” with a find and replace all :slight_smile:
Completely unlocked now.

Now I will just kinda use this layout so I don’t have to start from scratch and mod it with my lasers needed values as I try each material.
I will preload it with some other laser values I found on the net using my same tube (not in a library though, so have to do it manually).


Be careful - the library you’re using as reference is made for a diode system with about 4 to 5w of power. If you use it for a CO2 system, and use an entry you haven’t set properly for your machine, you’ll torch the heck out of whatever you’re cutting.

Yes. I plan to go through and change all the settings or possibly just copy each one as I dial them in for my machine. I may just go through and lower everything to some safe low setting and then adjust them up as I get to use new materials.
It would be nice if I could find a template closer to my machine or one that was prefab and just had zeros in it for power and speed or something, but this is the only one I could find. I basically just wanted the layout and the naming and stuff to work from so I did not have to come up with all the naming and organization stuff myself.
If you know where I can find something laid out nice, but for a 100-130W laser that would be great!

Edit: I just did a find and replace all of:
maxPower Value=“100” with maxPower Value="11’
numPasses Value=“X” with numPasses Value=“1” (X was done for every number I could find in use)
runBlower Value=“0” all changed to runBlower Value=“1”. This way everything will have air assist on until I decide if I need it or not. Won’t accidentally smoke up a lens or anything.

This should make it safe. Then I also know if it is at 11 that I never used it yet. I will scan through and see if any other settings need to be done like this to suit my machine…then I have a nice template with safe values to work from and tweak as I use new materials.

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