What material is this?

I ran across this on Etsy, according to the description it is laser engraved on a UV resistant polymer. I just can’t figure out what it is though.

It’s possible that it’s some form of material one can find from Trotec which is two layers of different colors. There may be other manufacturers or suppliers, but the Trotec name is the one that always pops into my alleged mind.

Various colors for each layer can be found on the linked site. This link is from the US directed pages, there are other locations provided from the main Trotec page.

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Thanks kind Sir, I can see many uses for the laserable stickers.

I’ve used a similar product to the Trotec one. Rowmark Lasermax.
A couple of things of note when using these dual layer products:
Make sure to have air assist almost off, as low as possible just to protect the lens. Otherwise you will be cleaning off filth over the engraved area for ever.
Also after engraving give it a quick clean with isopropyl alcohol, then wipe it over with Windex (or similar). The Windex helps brings out the contrast in the graphic.

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