What Ruida controller to choose? Is RDC5121 good, and it works with LightBurn?

Hello all,
I want to buy a laser cut machine and I’m not sure what Ruida controller to choose. The machine is a Chinese red/black machine, 900x600, 100W, powered lift table, Ruida RDC5121 controller. What do you think about this controller? Does any of you have this kind of controller?

The RDC5121 works with LightBurn? I saw somewhere that it works, but on LightBurn site it doesn’t appear at compatible controllers.

I saw that many sellers offer on this kind of machines the Ruida RDC6442G/S instead of RDC5121. I talked with the seller and he told me that he can replace the RDC5121 with an RDC6442G/S, for an extra payment, but he told me that it doesn’t worth to make this upgrade on this kind of machine, and even the controller is better, the machine miss the new functions that make a difference between the RDC5121 and RDC6442G/S.

What do you think? There are important differences between these 2 controllers? Should I choose the RDC6442G/S on this machine or the RDC5121 is good enough? I will miss something if I will choose RDC5121. I would really appreciate your opinions, because I searched on the internet and I didn’t find many information about this topic.

@LightBurn I saw on other topic that you have this kind of controller and I would appreciate your valuable opinion!

Thank you in advance!

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Just as a bit of additional information I understand that the Ruida RDC6445G is the latest model available. I’m looking to buy a laser but I am very much the novice so can’t answer your question.

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The 5121 is capable, but the display is small, text-only, and monochrome, it has only one laser output, and it’s strictly a two axis board - no Z or U axis control, and it’s USB only, with no Ethernet option. It’s a single board though, which is nice for smaller machines.

So if you don’t plan to upgrade to a controlled Z axis, and USB only is ok, it should be fine. I haven’t tried to use a rotary with it, so I can’t say with certainty that is supported, but I believe it is.


@LightBurn thank you very much for your great reply! It helps a lot!

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