What’s the best cut conditions for cutting 1/32 and 1/16 or 1.5 mm laser plywood

So I have a L-cheapo 10 watt diode laser and would like to cut laser plywood that’s between 1/32-1/6 of a inch, if I’m thinking right 1.5 mm is just 0.003 smaller then 1/16 :thinking: anyone cut laser plywood? Any help would be greatly appreciated on cut conditions now I realize it will very from machine to machine but would like some cut conditions that work for other as a starting point. I’ve been trying regular plywood that thick but it puts off a strong smell so I’m looking to get away from that. Thanks again for your time and support!! :blush:

Hey @Bonjour do you have any cut conditions that you go by? I got me a stronger laser because the China laser was junk, thanks

I don’t use diode lasers for anything other than teaching basic CNC.

Oh ok thanks anyway :blush:

Hey @NTBee I am trying to cut 1mm plywood but am having no luck at cutting all the way through with out taking a lot of passes now my laser is 2-3 inches away from the part would that make a difference? Also I noticed that you said back on December 19’th that you would set your focus 1.5 mm into the MDF what do you mean by that, I thought all you do is make sure it’s a tiny dot and that’s it besides adjusting the feeds and power. Any help on this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! I’ve finally been able to do some projects now and am starting to look at the details now :joy:

Your workpiece needs to be at the focal length of your laser lens.

3 inches is a 50% variance from 2 inches and typically your focus is to be within 1mm to be on target to cut anything…

The G2 lens is the most common with diode lasers, especially the cheaper ones. They typically focus at 10.4mm - about 1/6" in imperial measurements.

Have you done a ramp test to find the focal length of your lens?

Not on this laser, and to be honest I didn’t even measure it when I installed it :man_facepalming: When I did just now I realize I was WAY WAY too high!! 4 and 7/8 off of the table so at least 1&7/8 too much, it couldn’t fit the old mount so I just sat it on top, but it looks like I’ll have to make some modifications for it to sit right, so my focus will probably be way out of wack when I lower it.

laser focus is a precise activity.

if you’re working in inches and fractions, good luck.

Why :joy:? Have you ever heard of 0.0001 that’s one ten thousandth of a inch, I’m a American so I’m accustomed to smaller measurements, also a machinist, I didn’t understand metric in school and still don’t understand it, it’s confusing to me, the English measurements are much easier and simpler than metric at least for me. Anyway I’m guessing that you’re saying I’m dealing with tight tolerance, no sweat I’ve dealt with stuff that was ±0.001 of a inch thanks for letting me know that it must be precise, I was not aware of it. :blush: