What setting do I use cant cut 1/4 plywood

2 times around image doesn’t go through 1/4 wood. what is hottest color?

Please provide more info such as what laser, speed and power settings plus what type plywood.
There is plywood available for laser use.

also look into how to do a material test

10 watt laser, using red color set speed 5 100% power and 1/4 inch plywood going around twice.

Your power and speed is on par for the laser you’re using. I would make a small test shape and run a test with your same power and speed settings and keep upping the number of passes till you get it. I have a 10w d1 also and have had to do up to 5 passes on 1/8” ply, depending on the type of wood and/or the glue used to make it. Some of the adhesives used in making the ply sheets don’t respond well to the wavelength of blue diode lasers.

thank you I will !

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