What settings am I missing?

Hi all,

I’m finding the forum very helpful! However I have not found something and I’m hoping you all can help.

I have a design that has a concentric circle on the outside of the design that I want to be engraved at a higher power than the inside lettering. But I want both to be lined and filled.

What I’m running into is that the layer is engraved separately, making the engraving time much longer than it needs to be.

I tried some settings in optimize cuts but still haven’t found the right settings. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you have 2 layers set to fill at different power settings, they will produce as 2 separate “parts” of the same job.

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So I’m not crazy! Has anyone requested for this to be implemented to speed up engraving? I’m sure once I upgrade to the OMTech 5 watt I won’t even notice, however it’s like molasses right now and I just burn at same setting.

I thought you said:

The “higher power”…, how is this “…burn at same setting.”?

If they are on the same layer, you have options…

Because of the long burn time (4+ extra minutes on a 4"x4" coaster) I just run them the same layer. I tried different settings but that extra 4-5 minutes is a lot.

You could have all fills on the same layer, then adjust the ‘Power Scale’ for the shapes that you want to produce with less power, set layer to ‘Fill all shapes at once’.

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Thanks. I haven’t used power scale before so I’ll be learning more. Thank you very much.

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