What Version do i need?

hi guys and girls, i have a 40W blue and white laser with a cohesion3d board, i have had a trial running for 28 days and want to purchase the software, when i bought th elaser the guy i bought it from said i would need the DSP version of the software but on the purchase page it states the Gcode version is for the cohesion3d board so im a little confused :frowning:
what are the differences between the 2 versions ? will i lose functionality if i use the gcode version or does the interface stay the same, not sure what to do but also dont want to waste any money buying the wrong version.


Gcode version for gCode controller like C3D, coming from the guy who made the C3D board and wrote the C3D webpage that tells you what version of the LightBurn software the board requires :slight_smile:

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