What works better

In general, is it better to use high speed (1000), 100% power with multiple passes. Or, low speed (250) 100%power with fewer passes. Let’s assume 3mm plywood.

I’m trying to minimize edge burns. Yes,I have air assist but it really doesn’t do much.

Anyone. Bueler.

i prefer lower speed and i don’t use 100% of power, and if you air assist isn’t working maybe you use the wrong pump

There are many ‘speeds/feeds’ that will do the job.

All machining operations have a proper power/speed that will do the best job with the least amount of effort on the machine. It is much like using a table saw, push to hard it chips the wood, too slow it burns the wood you can ‘feel’ the proper ‘feed’ with your hands and most of us don’t have the ability to change the saws rotational speed.

The trick is finding that for each particular machine/material. Takes time and patience.

Generally speaking run as fast as you can with the most power that is reasonable for the cutting operations.

Air assist is really helpful with cutting some materials. I use low pressure cutting acrylic but most other cut operations I run 60lbs air pressure.

I make a ‘line’ in Lightburn, and change the speed and power until I get an acceptable slice off the end of the material… I just cut 1 or 2mm off the end of a scrap piece…

Any of this make sense?


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