What would cause Lightburn to lose its activation key each time my laptop shuts down & restarts?

I have windows 10 and each time it shuts down and restarts it requires me to re-enter my lightburn activation key.
Does anyone know why this is happening?
The laptop is always plugged in to power. This happened 3 different times in the past 3 days. Yesterday the computer had a windows update and when it restarts I get no error messages, the time and date are correct. The only problem I have found is that I have to re-enter the code to use Lightburn.
This also happened on a CNC software that my wife installed on this computer. I checked it and it also asks for the registration code to be entered as if everything was new and never used.

The only time I’ve seen this, is when I’ve opened lightburn before I’m completely connected to the internet.

Let me try it again now. I will make sure it is completely connected to the internet.
I had forgotten but I have it pinned to the taskbar and each time this happens it has also removed it from my task bar

No, unfortunately that didn’t make any difference. Right now when I open it up it has gone to the License page saying I can start your free trial or enter my license key

The only things that could cause that are if you have a floating license (you don’t), or if your computer is set up to restrict access to or wipe the user registry, so all the locally stored info about your key wasn’t remembered.

I just recently starting having this problem. I have been using this laptop for almost a year. It just recently starting doing this and I can’t figure out why.
I wondered if it has something to do with the CMOS battery but I am not having problem anywhere else.

that’s a point. Is the time in the bios correct? Your computer will correct the time when connected, as it checks online, but the bios will remain the old time. Best way to check the battery.

Try rebooting instead of shutting down to “lock” the settings in.

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