What's a lesser-known but useful feature in LightBurn for maintaining high-quality image engravings?

Tip and Trick: “Pass-Through” Mode

The “Pass-Through” mode in LightBurn is great for those who pre-process their images in external software (like Photoshop) and want to preserve the exact dot pattern in their engravings. When you enable “Pass-Through,” LightBurn bypasses its internal image processing, using your image data directly, which preserves detail and can speed up processing time.

How to Use It:

  1. Import your image into LightBurn.
  2. Select the image.
  3. In the ‘Cut Settings Editor’, find and check the ‘Pass-Through’ option.

This feature ensures the laser engraver outputs the image exactly as intended, perfect for detailed and photo-realistic engravings.


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