Whats going on here? (picture)

Had it happen to me again this morning - this time on v9.20.

The one thing that seems to be consistent is if I use artwork that I keep on the art board for convenience I sometimes get the issue.

My current work around is to replace the artwork on the art board with the same art by deleting the art-board-art and importing the same vector.

Something that caught my eye as an outlier.
Original Text I use over and over is saying it’s almost an inch.
Text below it is the same size but LB reading it correct as 0.3363"


Don’t hit “Return” key when you finish your line. It looks to be highlighting the text but the text box looks like 2 lines.

I drew dimensional lines to highlight the fact they are identical.
The Text “Coach” is two separate text entries.
Take what I am saying at face value. They are the same size yet LB is saying the top one is 3 times the size it actually is.

Switch to mm and see if it persist.

I only use mm and dims have always been correct.

Attach the file ?

I’ll give the mm a shot.
I just drew the Dimensional lines by hand.
Post the file when I get back to the laser.

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