When a pattern has numerous inside cuts

how do I seperate the inside cuts from the outside finish cut’s? I was thinking about splitting the pattern into two parts and then bring them back together again.

If you want the inner perimeters to cut first, turn on Optimize Cut Path and select Cut Inner Shapes First in the optimization settings.

If you want the engraved pattern to go first, make sure that layer is above the layer doing the perimeter cutting in the Cuts and Layers window, then make sure Order by Layer is enabled in the optimization settings.

Do both of those and it should engrave the pattern, cut the inner shapes, then finish with the outer perimeter.

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Thank you Ed worked now might I ask how do I erase the shading on the bottom right?

Not sure what you mean, so upload a picture (*) and we can all puzzle over it!

(*) Drag-n-drop or click the upload icon in the middle of the bar when you start the reply.

Basket center traced.lbrn2 (3.7 MB)
Here is the project but somehow I get this shading and it really messes up the the plan as you can see

I’m still not sure what’s going on.

Is this is the pattern you’re trying to engrave / cut:

Then I don’t know how this relates to that pattern:

Back up a couple of paragraphs, assume we just met, and explain things from the beginning:

  • What image / pattern you started with
  • What you did to that image / pattern
  • What you got
  • What you expected

Pictures really help, but only with enough words to explain what they’re supposed to show.

If you’re tracing JPG or BMP images into vector patterns, reviewing the doc may suggest some options:

image I have a book of Scrollsaw Patterns and this is a sewing basket part of it, I scanned the image but the shading comes out worse than what the plan shows and when I use the TV in LRB rather than nice clean lines I get this.

This is a pattern from my Scrollsaw Book and I was hoping to get clean sharp lines, instead I get this overload of dots which makes my lines come out terrible.
After scanning and uploading into LRBN I went to Tools> Trace Image then used the traced image for my laser patern and again the shading really messes up the clean lines. I wanted nice crisp black lines on a neutral background

There are 2 versions. One has the inside shape symmetrical - the other isn’t symmetrical per your provided shape. This isn’t the exact size as yours. I rotated your shape about .25 degrees to build 1/2 and mirror it.

Basket.lbrn (225.2 KB)

OK, I think I’m closer to understanding. Thanks!

As the Prophet Jagger wrote: You can’t always get what you want.

The fretwork (?) pattern inside the basket is more of a grayscale blur than a black-and-white grid, so there’s no setting of the Threshold slider that will produce a clean result.

You may be able to engrave the pattern as an image, rather than trace it into vectors, to get a reasonable result. That will surely require some fiddling with the image to crisp it up, then more fiddling with the engraving parameters.

If you really want crisp lines in there, you must replace the interior with a vector pattern you created. I’d start with a single “cell” of the pattern you want and replicate it into a huge block with the rectangular array tool:

Then use one of @RalphU’s outlines to cut the basket shape out of the block:

After a little trial-and-error, that might be faster than fiddling with the original artwork.

If that doesn’t make any sense, I may still be misunderstanding the situation.

I am not sure how I got the shade marks from the book to go away not a clue, what I am going to do is blow each one up and painstakeinly go about deleting each dot or dash I do not want and as I was looking at my pattern book all the patterns are the same way.

If you dink around with the Threshold slider, you can keep the dark outline and eliminate the grays, but that’s about the only control you have over them.

If you’re scanning the patterns from the book, using a much higher resolution may get more detail into the image and give the tracing algorithm more to work with.

Might be easier to learn how to draw your own patterns. :grin:

I have tried that some many moons back and nope it is not me and now that I am in my twilight years not a chance. I thank all for the information and I am sorry that I can be a pest, I will try and tone it down.

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