When a square isnt a square (k40, lighhtburn, mini Gerbil)

ive upgraded to a mini gerbil to get lightburn usage for my k40 (having used it on my3018). since the move from the stock board I cant get a square to be square, all sides appear to be wobbling?

(ignore the different sizes) the layers were using kerf adjustments).
within the software each square is 5mm x 5mm and using the create rectangle and create array of selected to give me 10, each was using teh same power but with a different speed (top left at 100mm/s to bottom right at 50mm/s with 5mm/s drops between each square).

I am so confused and would love to get straight lines for a starting point to allow me to try some of the designs that I used previously. any suggestions or assistance would be great.


I mean I have the same setup as you, send your $$ information up here then I will compare them with mine.


$0=10 $1=255 $2=0 $3=1 $4=0 $5=1 $6=0 $7=0 (ATC M6, pulse/ff) $8=100 (ATC Tool Td, milliseconds) $9=100 (ATC M6 Td, milliseconds) $10=1 $11=0.010 $12=0.002 $13=0 $19=0 (Softstart, milliseconds) $20=0 $21=0 $22=1 $23=3 $24=2000.000 $25=2000.000 $26=250 $27=4.000 $28=5 (Spindle freq. 0 to 15) $30=1000 $31=1 $32=1 $100=157.000 (x:stp/mm) $101=157.000 (y:stp/mm) $102=160.000 (z:stp/mm) $103=160.000 (a:stp/mm) $104=160.000 (b:stp/mm) $110=5000.000 (x:mm/min) $111=5000.000 (y:mm/min) $112=5000.000 (z:mm/min) $113=5000.000 (a:mm/min) $114=5000.000 (b:mm/min) $120=3000.000 (x:mm/s^2) $121=3000.000 (y:mm/s^2) $122=3000.000 (z:mm/s^2) $123=3000.000 (a:mm/s^2) $124=3000.000 (b:mm/s^2) $130=300.000 (x:mm max) $131=230.000 (y:mm max) $132=200.000 (z:mm max) $133=200.000 (a:mm max) $134=200.000 (b:mm max) ok [details="Summary"] This text will be hidden [/details]

I had similar results on a CNC one time - turned out to be a problem in the bearings on the linear rails where they had flat spots. To easily determine if your issue is similar, see if you get smooth movement with the machine powered off by just moving the laser head back and forth with your hand. In the image you posted, it looks like the pattern is consistent in each of your squares - so I suspect your rails are clean and smooth, but you might have either flat spots or gunk in the rollers. Maybe also check the belts (or whatever it is that moves the head).

Sorry for the delay, there is only minimal difference between our settings ($110, $120, $130 - I drive a little faster and on the X axis 320mm) nothing to give your strange results.
I also assume you have a mechanical problem and think Dale is pointing in the right direction.

Had similar issue recently on my China 60W. It was a lose lens.

thx for checking, i didnt think it would be software side either :frowning:

that’s a great shout, I will double check that

Cheers for the suggestion, I am not seeing any issues with movement when its powered off, belts seem to be under good tension.

I wasnt seeing any issues before the board was changed out so im going to fire this back to the vendor now that i have access to their forum.
unless you can think of anything else?

I thought, what does it look like when you run a square with very low speed and low power, bar to see the result?

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