When doing the camera alignment process, how much can I scale it?

I have a Lasermen 1400 x 900 laser cutter and just added a 95 degree camera. When doing the camera alignment process, How much can I scale it ? I am able to scale it 410% and still fits in my work bed, is this ok or is it too much ? I am asking because is have gone through the lens configuration and alignment process twice and it still is out of registration by about 3mm. Tomorrow i will try refocusing my lens with the windows app and scaling up the dot pattern because it seemed small on the configuration window although I had no problems with capture scores, all below 0.2

Also, to focus camera do I turn the outter smooth cylinder or the inner rugged part ?

Pretty sure its the smooth one

For focus, you turn the lens (the part that sticks out the farthest).

The scale can be set as high as 500%, I think, and there is no “too high” as long as it fits within the machine.

When you say, “it is still out of registration by 3mm” that’s not much detail to go on - there are many steps along the way where people get this wrong. The most common ones are:

  • Do not re-use the markers for camera alignment unless you have not moved them. They have to be exactly where LightBurn told your machine to put them, so if you remove the material from the machine and then put it back, they’re not in the same place any more and your alignment will be wrong.

  • The lid of your machine must open to exactly the same height and angle. If your lid opens to a position that’s 2mm different than the last time you used it, the camera will be 2mm off (possibly more, if the angle is different).

  • The top of the material must be at the same distance from the camera as the top of the material you ran the alignment markers on. This means you set your material surface to be at the focus height of the lens, then update the camera overlay. Do not adjust your focus by moving a lens tube, because that will change the camera to material distance. Always adjust with the Z axis.

Ok, thanks for the input. I focused my lens with the windows camera app and did the configuration process again. This time i scaled the dot pattern about 80% bigger, and printed it on my UV flatbed printer on a white MDF 3mm board. This time I got it right and works great. Thanks.


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