When engraving the image is moving to the right

hello everyone … have a weird isue with max4 e80 … I just engraved a image that after lining it up via the frame routine starts engraving at the correct spot but after about 30% shifts to the right and then continues to engrave correctly. It is not a hard direction change but eventually becomes a couple mm off … I did a simple square on the second burn (thought maybe the board moved) and the square comes out exactly on track … any ideas would be appreciated , I should say I have engraved 40+ times and this is the first time I have seen this issue

Ok it seems like Lightburn is the culprit , versions 1.5.02 and above for my Neje Max 4 e80 do not burn large “Images” when I switch to LaserGrbl they burn correctly … Would someone from LightBurn please respond …

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