When Engraving with Galvo, size difference smaller than the design

Hi There, hope some one can assist, I’m new to engraving and to lightburn, I have a 60W JPT Mopa. When I create the design say 89mm X 10mm it engraves as 55mm X 7mm, I have been through the setup importing the file from ezicad as suggested on line. the settings were imported for the glavo lense size focal disance of 175mm settings, as sent with the machine however the lense they sent says it is a 160mm lense, would this have an impact on the size that is engraved.

Very nice machine, I have probably the same one… Mines from Cloud Ray…

Every lens is different and each requires calibrating. If the file supplied by your vendor is for that lens, it should be ok.

If they are not you will see the vertical or horizontal lines bulge or curve inwards… Do a large comfortable sized square or rectangle and see if the lines are straight and not in any way curved.

Usually this is configuration or calibration…

Do you only have a single lens?


I would re-check your numbers, and actually what the numbers you are going by mean.
160 is most likely a Focal length=160 110mm x 110mm work area, but 175 is most likely a F=254 175mm x 175mm work area lens. Those are both pretty common sizes. The 2 different numbers, focal length and work area get confused all the time.
I have an identical setup with 110, 175, and 300 (Work area) lenses
Here are some samples of one particular brand.

You have a great machine there they say Cloudray is the best. I have the XT laser.
I have three lenses with the machine, a 160, 420 and 254.
I have completed a large square no bulging or convex/concave sides seems fine, only the size seems to come out differently. Also ended up setting the head alignment was slightly out of parallel.

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Hi Al .
The chart is phenomenal thank you, it has definitely given me a better insight into the lenses. I definately misunderstood the 160 / 175 concept. the lense is a 160 lense and the work area is 110x110.
Thank you once again.

I went with XT also, pretty much spec’ed the whole build, included laptop, all 3 lenses calibrated, did the whole import, tarrif, DHL door to door.
Dealt with Damon Lee iirc. Spent 6 months back and fourth , changed the order about 20 times before I pulled the trigger. A big purchase for me. Damon was great and I have not had one issue (that wasn’t self inflicted) in a year now, and I really have put it through the paces.

These charts are everywhere and not all have all the information you’d like to see… From Cloud Ray…

These are the same F210mm, note they have a different coverage and spot size for the same focal length…

I have a F254mm and it comes in two different scan angles for different coverage…

The F in the lens names refers to it producing a flat focus area…I.E. the table… I believe the G suffix is < 100W usage… once you go over 100W, the lens prices go up by about 8 times…


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Tru dat.
Chart I posted covers pretty common sizes, but seen a lot of other ones as well.

Didn’t know that.
Thought the F stood for Focal Length.

Better explanation with graphics… :wink:


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Cool stuff.

Did you see this post/video?


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