When framing, the laser head crashes into side wall

I need some help. I recently built a homemade diode laser engraver. Bed size measures Length 22" x 151/2" wide. But I set it up as 13" wide by 18" long. I used the 5.5 watt laser and old controller board from my 3018 pro CNC machine. I added the laser in Lightburn manually because it would not find it with the software. It is on Com5 and the name of the laser is GRBL “Homemade”. There are no limit switches, and when I set it up, I unclicked the “Home on start up” tab, otherwise, when I left it clicked, the laser just showed that it was busy and I couldn’t do anything with it. The laser fires and moves, I can move it with the arrows on the “Move” pane, but, when I go to frame a project, it just crashes into the opposite side and then goes to the rear and crashes. Current Position" is clicked because that is what I use with my Sculpfun laser, which is wonderful by the way. Just built this one to actually see if I could do it, and see if it would work. Works great, movement wise, just crashes into the sides. I’ve included all the settings in lightburn for it and a few photos of the laser itself. If anyone has any advise or ideas to try, I would greatly appreciate it. Just want to use this one for small projects while my Sculpfun is used for bigger projects. I plan on getting the 20 Watt laser from Sculpfun when it comes out, then putting the S6 Pro laser on the home built machine. Thank you in advance for any help. Using a Dell computer running Windows 7 software.

It would help if you had the artwork that was crashing the head in one of the shots.

I suspect it’s the start from: set to current position. Most seem to use ‘absolute coordinates’ so the image comes out on the material in the same place as shown in the ‘work area’

If the current position doesn’t allow for the object and any overscan it can crash.

Once you understand how the start from and job origin work, you can use any of them…

Might want to check out.

Good luck


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