When/How Often Do The Calibrations Need to be Redone?

What events require a rerunning of the camera lens calibration routine?

What events require a rerunning of the camera alignment routine? (Or do both routines always need to be run together?)

My guess is that if one of the following changes, it will require at least the camera alignment to be rerun, yes?

  • camera’s mounting point changes (or lid shifts position)
  • mounting angle of the camera changes
  • change the laser’s lens to a different focal length
  • change the length of the laser’s lens tube (extend it in or out)



Lens calibration should only need to be done if you change the physical lens in the camera (or change the camera itself).

So your second list is correct - Alignment has to be re-done if you change where the camera is mounted in relation to the focus plane of your laser. You can change the bed height to accommodate different material as long as the focus point of the laser itself is the same

I am having a problem with maintaining camera control. Even though I save the numerical values in width/height if I close the program and open it back up I lose mainly the x axis dimensions. So, it makes me have to do this every time and as you know it can be time consuming. Is there a way to fix this. Any help appreciated. To clarify, I close program with saved value in both x and y axis. We I reopen the values that were used before are there but the calibration is off by about an inch.

I assume you mean the Width / Height values here in the Camera Control window?
If so, I’ll double check the code and make sure it’s doing what it should be.


is it possible that some having problems because the laser is not set to “absolute origin”

i assume that once we calibrate the laser we must not use “current position”?

do i have that correct?

If you’re trying to laser engrave artwork over an object captured with the camera, yes you’d have to use absolute positioning.

thanks Oz

that’s a very important point for users to check when stuff gets “cut in the wrong place” on a calibrated camera system !!!