When importing lightburn takes 30-45 seconds. why is this? and how do i get it fixed?

There is another forum post about this but what was said in it was old and not sufficient enough to fix my problem.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Does this happen with all imports or just a particular file? Can you share the file that’s causing the issue?

Also, please describe the type of system that you have (CPU,RAM).

How many files do you have in the folder you’re importing from? Try creating a new folder and put a few files in to import.

Is the system slow for other application? Could be either windows or hardware issues.
Check the task manager for performance.

Maybe I’m reading this incorrectly but it sounds like importing a file into lightburn not sending it to the laser.

We have solved similar issues where the folder on the computer has too many files. A smaller directory usually fixes the problem.

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