When importing svg the colors turn black

Not sure if this is a Lightburn issue or possibly a Illustrator issue…so when I design a file in Illustrator I save it as both a svg and as a pdf. If I pull up the svg in Lightburn it gets rid of color alltogether and makes both black.If I pull into a pdf both are red
orig colors
svg into lightburn
.This is a new install of the 1.104 Lightburn program and of Illustrator 28.5 since I used my laser months ago.Anyone have an idea what to do to fix?

I just tried creating an Illustrator project with 2 shapes set to different color. I saved as SVG & PDF then imported both into lightburn. They imported with the colors as saved. Not sure what to tell you.

It’s weird but files I created before import fine.This one I purchased does not…Can you show me your SVG save settings? Thinking maybe they got changed in the installs of the new programs.

I just use the default settings in Illustrator. I didn’t export, I chose save as and chose SVG & PDF. You said this was a purchased file. Maybe it’s something they did. If you create something from scratch does it work?

Just tried,it has something to do with the colors of the layers.

Actually, it has. LightBurn transfers colors from source files if those colors have the “right” color. Each layer in LB has a specific color code and only if the lines in your source file match that color code, they get assigned to that layer. If not, they are assigned to the standard / the active layer (I think).
Personally, I don’t want to have layers pre-assigned, so I like that importet SVGs etc. are put on my standard layer, but if you want to do this assignment before, make sure to select the correct colors:

Still doesn’t fix the issue…I used Hex numbers from that article on my shapes in Illustrator and one still goes to black.

Maybe it’s that I haven’t updated Lightburn and I have updated Illustrator?Getting really frustrated now…all of this worked about 8 months ago and then had to stop while moving and just now back into things.

Post your SVG file here. Lightburn will map colors in Illustrator SVG to the closet color that LB uses.

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So just in case others have this issue in the future…I saw an old post that referenced this problem from a couple years ago and mentioned incompatibility with the versions of Illustrator. So, since I had an older version of lightburn and a new version of Illustrator, I paid to renew my Lightburn and all files work perfectly now.Thanks to all who tried to help!

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