When lasering, most of text is good and one text is slanted

This past weekend I created a design in LB and then made it on my laser. When I looked at the final product all the text is good except one, which is slanted a bit. Kind of like it is italics, but it isn’t in the software. In the attached pictures the word “Anthracite” is the odd one. The close up doesn’t seem to those it as well as the zoomed out view.

I deleted the offending text block in LB and created a new one. Lasered that and the same results.

Attache is my LB file and some images.
I’m curious if this is some oddity in LB or something with my laser controller. I appreciate any guidance as I continue to learn these new tools.

Sys3 M Base Color Chart.lbrn2 (136.8 KB)

Surprisingly, this config setting can affect some engravings and not others:

Try flipping that switch, then test (on cardboard!) whether it affects the other text in a bad way.

If they all come out right, you’re done!

@ednisley Thank you! I went through the linked article. I found my X-Axis had the PWM Valid set to true and on Y-AXIS it was false. I switched the X-AXIS parameter off and then did a test. Attached is the result. Test 1 is before the change, Test 2 is after the change.

Boy this is strange how it effected one but not the others. And it makes me wonder if anything else is off. However I won’t tinker, as the system has been working fine.

I really appreciate your guidance.

I have no idea what’s going on, either. Glad it worked out!

Oh, something else is wrong, but until you notice it, don’t worry about it. :grin:

Oh geezz…now you have me curious!

Nothing in what you’ve shown so far, but …

Just spend a few days reading and you’ll get some ideas. :grin:

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