When lightburn connects to longer ray5 LCD screen goes blank, then restarts after you disconnect Lightburn

I see a lot of new users on here, Thats me I am a new user also. I have been able to use my Longer Ray5 Engraver/Cutter usig LaserGRBL software. I connected the laser up through USB direct connection on Com3 and was able to move the head as requested through the program and engrave a project onto a peace of wood.

I decided to take my practice with the Longer Ray5 to the next level and load Lightburn software and connect the laser to it.after 2 tries I was able to get the Lightburn software installed correctly then I went to try and connect the longer Ray5 to the Light burn software. I turned on the Ray5 and waited for the home screen to come up. I then confirmed operation at the laser itself and everything worked fine. I then started the Lightburn software and the LCD screen on the Ray5 went blank (Light Grey).

I have included a screenshot of the Lightburn software running and showing in the window bottom right corner that the Laser is “Ready”. Not sure what all the giberish means in the console window the actual connection was made to port 3 at the point of the second “Waiting For Connection…” comment in the console window. at this point I am unable to get Lightburn to do anything on the laser unit itself. If I turn on the show all switch at the bottom of the console window, I get a endless stream of “G0” and nothing else.

I have also included a picture of the Longer Ray5 just after the Lightburn program was told to connect. The LCD screen will stay like this until such time that I tell Light burn to disconnect, At this point the Longer Ray5 will reboot and come back on just fine.

Please help me with my connection issues and thank you so much, in advance, for all your help and support.

Is this Normal Can anyone help with this issue?

Not sure about the display behavior but you’re not fully connecting to the machine for some reason.

What version of Ray5 firmware are you running?

Also, can you take a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings screen?

I included this photo of the Versions currently being used on the Longer Ray5

There is also a photo of of the Lightburn Settings you requested.

Also as a side note. I have been able to use lase with graphic from memory on laser and SDcard and also through the USB port using LaserGRBL ver 4.8.0.

Try toggling the “Enable DTR signal” setting in Device Settings. If that doesn’t work, review the baud rate settings from LaserGRBL and make sure you’re using the same speed setting in LightBurn.

I have been sitting here trying all the baud rates. And never saw that DTR up there. Perfect all is working great. Thank you so much for the help.

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