When using Image Adjust ,,,the RESET ALL does nothing

When using Image Adjust ,the RESET ALL does nothing
LightBurn 1.4.01
JPT 60 watt MOPA
Tried on Both my laptops and can’t get it to Reset All

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Nicky. I am seeing the ‘Reset All’ button does reset the settings, but not currently updating the display as one would expect. If you try again, after you select the button, do you see any of the controls adjust? I noticed the controls moved slightly and decided to try resizing the entire ‘Adjust Image’ window. Any adjustment to that window size, forces a repaint and the controls are, in fact, reset.

If you can confirm, that would be very helpful. Either way, I’ll make a report for further investigation. Thanks again. We’ll update here when we know more. :slight_smile:

It happens AFTER I,m made changes
Leave and go to main screen
THEN if I go back to Adjust image to make some Minor changes
Thats when it won;t reset
All the control/settings are all still there
They work but not RESET

Thanks, that helps clarify what you are observing. Working on this workflow with the team right now.

Workaround for now, you can revert the image back to a “real” default, use the ‘Cut Setting Editor’ (double-click layer to expose) ‘Reset to default’ button.

@Rick Thank you

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