When Using Rotary, Must I Always Rotate 90 and Mirror?

So, when I work on my projects normally (when not using the Rotary), the orientation of the design as well as the output at the laser is fine (and matches).

But for over a year, when I do Rotary work I always have just rotated the design -90 degrees and then mirrored it so it would output properly to the object on the rotary.

For example, if I created this (normal orientation):

The result on the Rotary is this (90 degrees wrong / mirrored):
The Controller shows:

The output on the object is:

Once a rotary design is complete, I must set the design like this (-90 flip, Mirror):

To Get this:

Turn your rotary around 180 degrees, that will solve the mirror image, and you do need to rotate the image in lightburn 90 degrees.


Well that’s not good (to have to rotate the Rotary 180 degrees). But that makes complete sense. I used my Rotary in this orientation on my old laser. Assumed this one was the same. See I already built my jig and now I don’t want to have to do that again :slight_smile:

Do the manual flip for now, but I have an idea for how to make this easier in the future, and it should be a relatively easy change. I’m not going to say more until I have a chance to play with the idea.

You already read my mind. You don’t have to say. I was thinking the same thing.

I was doing the mirror and change origin position on my ruida controlled blue and white. The hot dog roller didn’t have a long enough wire for it to be flipped 180. I reversed the coil pairs at the Y axis plug and now I have a what you see is what you get output.

I was considering the same thing, but I wasn’t sure of the outcome. I appreciate your post, so I know now that is a viable solution.

For me, I prefer my chuck rotary in the orientation I have it in. Being right handed, it feels more natural for my left hand to chuck while my right hand supports the objects.

I’ll have mine rewired today! :+1:t3:

Well… maybe today. I got busy. BUT I will post back confirming when I do.

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