When will I learn? Blem on production

I have a bad habit of bothering the laser machine while it is doing laser machine stuff. In the last 20 mins of a 4 hour job (set up, proof and final burn) I paused the job to check the depth and quality of the engrave. When I resumed the job, there was a lost step on the X axis. Blast, gotta scrap it and go again.

I am 77 and yet to find a cure for the Don’t Touch It Syndrome.

A lost step when paused means the stepper power went limp to prevent overheating the motors. Set Step Idle Delay, which is “25” or so, to $1=255. This will keep the steppers powered up continously. The head will not move if you accidentaly bump something.

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Thanks! I re-burned on a new piece of wood, thins time it came out GREAT!

With or without a Pause?

I had my wife keep me busy in the next room (cleaning!). It was a long afternoon.

No, I meant pause the machine, not you!

Mine makes me do that too. I want to tell her no, but that means I’ll have to eat my own cooking.