Where are my EZCAD2 correction files?

I’m having the weirdest problem right now. I literally just got done creating new correction files for each of my lens. I can’t find them in the EZCAD2 directory. I can see the correction file if I open up the CorFile2.exe and then click open correct file. I can also load the cor file with EZCAD2 and I can see the changes made as well, but for the life of me I can’t physically find them in windows, nor can I load them into Lightburn.

Anyone experience this? Any ideas?

So I placed all three instances of EZCAD2 in my program files folder in C: and this is why I’m not seeing the actual correction files in my EZCAD2 folders. The Windows 10 is doing something weird. I created a new testing instance of EZCAD2 on another driver and created a bogus cor file and sure enough the cor file was created and can be seen in the EZCAD2 folder.

Issue solved. I had to disable the Windows 10 UAC in the registry to get the computer to allow EZCAD to write the correction files to C drive.

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