Where can I download Lightburn 9.0 or earlier

My Mac crashes on the latest Light Burn when im trying to use the camera so I’m looking to download a previous version of light burn. Where can I download one? Thanks

From our Older Version (← Click this) repository.

LightBurn should not crash. What else can you share about your setup? What version of LightBurn are you running when it crashed? Under which macOS release? We would like to see the crash report if you get one. You can send to support@lightburnsoftware.com, include a link to this post for context, so we can take a closer look. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m just using a MacBook Pro. Version 10.15.2

I tried to upload a younger version of Lightburn but I get “Lightburn cannot be opened because developer cannot be verified”

Please note that at this time, LightBurn for MacOS is not digitally signed. This means that you will need to tell MacOS that you trust us. (Read about this here: Open a Mac app from an unidentified developer - Apple Support)

To launch LightBurn for the first time:

  • Open a Finder window
  • Browse to the ‘Applications’ folder
  • Hold the Control key and click the LightBurn icon, or two-finger tap the icon
  • Choose ‘Open’ from the menu
  • When MacOS asks if it should open the program, say yes, and it will be listed as an exception in your launcher. From now on you can just launch the application normally. - Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation

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