Where can i find "Fast Whitespace Scan" in Version 0.9.22

Where can i find “Fast Whitespace Scan” in Version 0.9.22
can find ist. Must be a laser connect?

It’s in device settings if you have a gcode device:

Your profile doesn’t say what controller type you have… But fast whitespace scan is only available on Gcode controllers. So if you have a DSP it will not be visible.

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Thank You, i have an DSP Controller. Why is i it not possible with a DSP Controller?

On DSP controllers, all overscan options are handled by the controller itself and cannot be set in LightBurn. For Gcode controllers LightBurn is literally generating those overscan moves, but for DSPs it is programmed differently and the controller adds in the overscan movements, as needed, based on a variety of programmed machine factors.

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