Where can I get good plywood

This plywood 12x12 squares are causing my blood to boil, none of the bundles I have are square or flat. Out of square I can handle but the warping is another story does anyone buy full sheets 4x8 and cut the sheet into different sizes

I get my wood from this place. Baltic Birch Plywood | Ocooch Hardwoods

try to find a local hardwood dealer in your area. My local place has 4x8 sheets of MDF which is veneered in hardwood. I get 1/8" and 1/4" sheets of maple, walnut, cherry, etc. Do a google search, I bet you have a place somewhere near you.

By its nature, plywood will rarely be perfect. The glue and the grain of the different layers will not agree to be flat.

Baltic Birch and aircraft grade plywood is better than most, and more expensive.

Hobby lobby has some craft woods. I like to put hands on before I buy, just like buying dimensional 2x4s

I buy cheap underlayment. Only had occasional problem with voids.

I myself like dimensional lumber, plwood is terribly expensive ,I have two moulding and furniture companys here in Luck, WI and if it comes down to it I will glue up my own boards as I am getting fed up with the China junk. I was down to my last cuts and the lASER CUT ON PEICE THAT ALLOWED THE BOARD TO POP UP AND IT HIT AND WELL THE REST IS HISTORY START OVER.

I just got a shipment of various Baltic Birch sheets (3-6mm) from Ocooch and they are pretty flat and look really nice (clean, smooth, square, etc) but they have ALL had stubborn glue pockets. I know it’s a common problem with laminated sheets, but I was hoping for better. My Dremel gets a good workout clearing those pockets.

Amazon has some pretty nice 12 x 12 Baltic Birch Plywood Squares at a reasonable price. Both 1/8 and 1/4 inch.

There are several resellers on ESTY
I have had good luck buying through that site. Read the buyer reviews on the reseller for the best experiance