Where can I purchase the camera

We need the cameras to get up and going. Where can I purchase them?

I’m guessing that the lid is open on most machines. Is that right? Does the software take a photo with the lid open, allow you to place items and then run lid closed? How accurate is this?

In order to get enough height for the camera to see the entire bed without needing a super wide angle lens most people do mount the camera on the lid, so when the lid is open the camera is looking straight down on the bed.

You do need to have a lid that you can always open to exactly the same position each time. If the lid is open to a slightly different position than where you calibrated it, the accuracy will suffer.

Then with the lid open you capture a picture with your material on the bed. That picture will appear on the LightBurn screen, When you have your origin set to absolute positioning you can position your art directly on the picture and it will align very closely with the actual material.

The exact accuracy will depend on the camera and the lens and how far the camera is above the bed. But with the narrowest lens that will work for your bed size you can reasonably expect the positioning to be within a fraction of a mm.

Thank you.
My lid opens to an exact position every time but it is not perpendicular to the bed. Will I need an angled mount to get accurate photos or does the software take this into consideration?

The software will try to compensate but it is better if you utilize one of the free mount designs posted to the forums so the software compensation is minimal.

The software can compensate for quite a bit, but if you can center the bed in the camera view it helps, and it also helps to be as “top down” as you can. When I say “helps”, I mean it reduces the amount of variation in accuracy across the camera view.

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