Where can I purchase this part?

I tried to find this part online… because I am considering to purchase a bigger tube (and other power supply)

Any help is welcome!

Why purchase one if you can easily fabricate your own using lightburn and your laser cutter?
I made this in less than 10 min. If you want, i can design one for you and share it here. i just need dimensions.

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So cool! :slight_smile:
And you are right… I can craft my own. Didn’t even cross my mind.
Did you really design this one so fast?

I am still not sure if I want to go for a 1000mm or a 1250mm tube so I can’t give exact measurements yet.
The screw holes in the side of the machine (where the opening is) are 95mm apart on top and from top to bottom 120mm (4 holes)

Ali express certainly. You also should consider the polypropylene sleeve for the laser tube contained in that small opening.

10min in Fusion. it will take the same in Lightburn. it’s a very basic and simplest model to design. feel free to ask me to design for you but if you know your way with Lightburn you will find it to be very simple to do and I’m pretty sure it will take you from design to cut&glue no more than 60min. the only thing that i would check is how Acrylic is at blocking high voltage and/or there will be a need to cover the inside of a box made from plywood with aluminum foil and ground it to chassis. I’ve seen some 3D printed these from plastic…

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I will give Fusion a shot. No better time to learn than the present!

Thank you again for pointing the right direction.

Tha might be a good idea as well. Free insulation

You can make one with spouting and a flange.

Here is a design on www.thingiverse.com


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I just responded on your thingiverse build yesterday and the UV video.
The link there didn’t work when I tried it and again not… It brings me to your main page.

@sensor. What size WATT laser do you currently have now? 40?


Odd… The link doesn’t work on my chrome (Android) but DOES work with an alternative browser (Duckduckgo)

Super link! Very clear.

Can we pin it under useful-links?

They sold the laser as 50watt… probably 40watt… but I got a refund because of some problems with the tube (according to them).
So I am thinking of either upgrading to 60 or 80 watt.


Hi Friend here is a link to a manufacturer that makes it that I think will work for you.
Extension Case

I learned long ago that my time is worth more then the $5.00 you think you are going to save if you do it yourself.

I think it would be more cost effective for you if you just buy it. The Acrylic solution is simply beautiful. However for me the cost savings vs. my time invested is not a good return on my investment. I rather spend that time with my kid.



That’s a small short and fun project for kids - designing and fabricating a product without getting bored.

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