Where did my preferences settings go after the multiple updates to 0.9.09?

I had my settings all working good for my CO2 laser in LB on my desktop machine (not connected to the laser) and in the past after updating to the new version, they were still there. After going through the "there is new update available message and updating several times, they don’t show up anymore. everything seems to be set back to default. I haven’t updated the computer with LB that is controlling the CO2 laser and am not sure I want to until I understand what is going on!

What did I do wrong and how do I get the old settings back again?

Settings are not stored in the same place as the app, and will survive even an uninstall / reinstall cycle. What are you missing?

most all my preferences and the library was empty so it looks like it just reset everything to a first time install. I went to the other computer and copied the prefs.ini file over to the desktop and things seem to be working ok now. I’m not sure what happened, but I think it is working good now.
I do most of my design work on the desktop (with big screens :slight_smile: ) and do the cutting on the laptop on on the laser.
Thanks for the fast reply!

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