Where did the arrow keys go on the "Move" menu?

I recently updated to 1.0.06. I think that was the first update I installed since the big one a while back. There used to be arrow keys on the move menu. Now there is not. Are they still available somewhere or are they just gone? Or did I just accidently remove them somehow?

Still there for me. Do you see the ‘Move’ menu at all ? I f not it can be activated under the ‘Window’ menu

yup - still there for me too.

Yes. The Move menu is there, and the “Get Position” button, the x and the y input boxes are there, but the arrow pad (in the red box on above picture) is not there, the 3 input boxes to the right of the arrow pad, and the 3 buttons below that are not there.

I’m at a loss. The only thing I would suggest trying, is to ‘reset to default layout’ option under the Window menu.

Hey! That did the trick. Don’t know how I lost it in the first place, but I must have clicked something I shouldn’t have. Thanks for the help!

Great news, I don’t know how that was done either !

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