Where did the "exposure" and "brightness" settings go?

At the time, this work was for Windows OS camera control only, as we were addressing many more issues in that environment than just ‘exposure’ and ‘brightness’. There has been some discussion around the development of camera controls for the other OS’s, but no specific work in that area has started.

Thanks for the answer. :+1:
…a bit of a shame for such a fine product, not being able to utilize the camera’s capacity 100% (my humble opinion;-) )

Interfacing with cameras is surprisingly difficult. It’s very platform/OS specific, and not well documented unfortunately. The MacOS version of the “default” system at least gives us control of the capture size. The Windows version didn’t even allow that, which is why I did the work to write a custom one for that platform.

Thanks for the reply.
I always thought that LightBurn’s own camera has their own firmware, dictated and made by you guys, to make the camera specially suitable for LightBurn, under the different OS…
But as I wrote before, the “90%”, they are there and it is a pleasure to use the camera function on a daily basis.
Everything, such as quality or product experience is a result of an expectation, I am calibrating my expectations so that it fits the 90% and everything is fine. :wink: