Where do I buy this besides...?

Looking for this unit

Ruida Wireless Handle BWK301R

Any ideas where to purchase it,

I have only been able to find it on CloudRay .

Anybody know another source


Aliexpress maybe?


Ask the question at this forum. They are about all things Ruida.

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I picked up a BWK301R hooked it to my 6445g it finds the rf link but will not control anything.
Do I have to turn something on in the controller for it to work.


Hi @gatlin63

Do you have this attached to the Ruida RDC 64455G?
It might interfere with the one that comes with the remote control RF unit

Cheers :beers:

Here is some information I have that might help you. I don’t have the unit yet but plan on buying one

I have the rf link like the picture above all plugged in that came with it no WI-Fi hockey puck looking thing.
3 pin with 1 red wire and the ant. It connects but will not control the any motion.