Where do I find the settings to mirror an image

New computer, hd on my old one died and I lost all my settings. I tried to run an image and it was shown in Lightburn correctly and when I ran it, it showed on the ruida controller reversed and cut in reverse.
Where are the settings to correct this?

For Ruida controllers set Origin in Device Settings to the corner in which your machine homes. That should address the mirroring issue.

Note that this will flip any existing designs that you have that were created in the other origin. So you will need to reverse them. After doing so, they will come out as they appear on screen.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

Explained in a bit more detail here if you haven’t gotten it figured out:


Steve,the trouble shooting link fixed it!
Thanks for your assistance.

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Can you document what ended up being the fix?

It ended up being being in the device setting found in the “edit” menu. I had the the origin set wrong, had it set to bottom left and it should have been top left,

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Ah. Okay. I thought you meant something different than what I posted based on your response.

Glad you got it.

Hi there, I’m trying to get up and running and so far my OMTech output is backwards as well. I followed the Lightburn instructions detailed above but no matter where I set the origin, the output is backwards. I did a reset on the Laser itself and started a new project in Lightburn in case the settings needed a reset but so far every origin setting outputs backwards. The default origin was rear right. The machine homes rear left and I have tried all origin points. Is there another workaround? Thanks

This means your origin will have to be top-left. Note that any designs done in a previous origin will appear flipped when you do this. However, the output should match what you see on screen. Can you recheck and confirm that even with the proper origin that the output does not match on-screen (even if it appears backward on-screen).

If it does match, this is just a matter of flipping all your designs.

I hope this doesn’t mean that you reset all your machine settings as these do not reset to your machine’s base configuration. They default to the controller’s generic factory setting which will not have been tuned to your machine. If you did this through LightBurn you may be able to go back to a previous backup.

I will double check that when I get back to the laser. The reset button on the front of the laser itself is what I used, I had tried to set the origin initially using the laser (origin button) so I hoped the reset would clear that if it had been the issue.

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