Where do I report potential bugs?

I was adding some svg files to a new art library this morning. If I try to name the library file (xxx.lbart) with a directory of the same name (xxx) it enters the directory instead of creating the file. On windows, a filename with an extension can have the same name before the dot with no problem. I’m not sure if this is a LIghtburn issue or a standard file save dialog on Windows 11. Thanks.

I can recreate the behavior. Also on W11 but running 1.2.02 Beta.

I suspect this is due to file dialog being used to both navigate and name the file. So not sure if this is a bug or working as designed.

You can work around this by explicitly adding .lbart to the name of the file instead of only using the base filename.

I was thinking about that but didn’t try. I’m glad you confirmed. The more I think about it the more it looks like a Windows thing. I don’t remember this behavior on previous versions of Windows. I haven’t dug through the API in a long time to see if there are new options for the file save dialog.

I just tested the same thing in Word and Notepad and the behavior is the same as what happens in LightBurn. So issue is upstream and even then possibly working as designed.

As PY noted, I believe this to be a Windows normal operating procedure rather than a LightBurn issue, as it happens within the windows dialogue - it’s not an issue on MacOS and I verified in Win11. Adding .lbart is a valid workaround

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