Where do I start to confirm compatability?


I am currently using lightburn on a diode setup that despite being advertised as “great for fabric” it doesn’t cut white. That is literally the only type I’m working with. Oops.

Ive become quite proficient in Lightburn and do not want to change, its probably a deal breaker. I also want everything I need to play well within Lightburn but honestly dont know what to explicitly even ask here; trying to trust yet verify.

This one looks like exactly what I need and there is a lot going on between dual heads, conveyor functionality, pen option etc.

Lightburn compatibility on yhe inkjet add on is huge because it would speed up my workflow wildly.

They are hawking their own software so although they have been helpful they’re stating they arent positive either way so if its important blah blah blah.

Please help point me in the right direction and thank you for running such a killer support community.


If that’s how helpful they are before they have your money, just imagine what they’ll be like after they cash the check … :grin:

Because they do not state anywhere that it is compatible with LightBurn, it almost certainly is not.

IMO, while LightBurn is competent with “ordinary” consumer-grade lasers, it is not (by design) intended for use with exotic machinery: pens, conveyors, indexing chucks, independent dual heads, stuff like that. While it may be possible to coerce LightBurn into producing results on machines with those features, you will be swimming alone against the rip tide.

If those machine features are important, then you must plan on using their proprietary (and, from what I read around here, which may be biased) craptastic software.


Just for clarity they legitimately have been of the postion we dont want to tell you something that won’t work for you and doing homework if someone stumbles across an unforgiving google.

I’m also confused because it looks like at some point there was feeder functionality added. I was mentally using that interchangeably with conveyor and am wondering if I was mistaken.

It also looks like the marker function is becoming more common (saw one here too: Ink Marker Module - Contact-free ink-jet marking) or if there’s at least something industrial thats comparable and lightburn supported.

Welcome. I note you posted this in the TopWisdom controller section. Is this setup you linked include a TopWisdom motion controller? In my quick look, I did not find the control system specifications.

We do provide access to set up and control the auto-feed table controls for Ruida controllers with an auto-feeding table, but not TopWisdom at this time.

We currently do not provide Ink-Jet marking functions, nor independent dual heads support. :slight_smile:

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