Where is Focus Test?


I’ve upgrade to latest LB and trying to run the focal test as ive made some laser adjustments… but i cant find it in the software?

Has it been removed? or am i blind?

What laser are you using, and do you have Z moves enabled in Edit > Device Settings?

Ive got a Top Wisdom controller machine. I guess just cause of the update it removed it from the menu. I had a look in Z Moves in Device settings and can’t see it?

It was likely removed because we don’t support Z moves yet on TopWisdom controllers.

Ah, makes sense then!
Having a look at the controller itset i see on the “1” and “2” button there is Z+ and Z-.

Having a look at the controller card inside the laser, i can see “Z” ports, so i suspect it possibly has some sort of Z control?

It has Z support, I just haven’t found enough info about it yet to know for certain we can do relative positioning when running a job. On these controllers, immediate commands like jogging are different than the commands available when running a job.

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